Random Stuff from My Life

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Weekend

So much for being socially active... We've got an exciting Saturday night lined up tonight. It's not even 9:00 yet and I've already been in my pajamas for an hour. We're watching "Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials." If we can stay up late enough, maybe we'll get to see Steve Martin host SNL for the 15th time.

And to what, you may ask, do we owe this thrilling existence? Well, I didn't get nearly as much accomplished at work as I needed to this week. So I spent 8 hours in the office today and that's where I'll be watching the actual Super Bowl tomorrow. It's been that kind of a week. We did manage to go to the casino on Thursday in lieu of the third consecutive night of "American Idol" auditions, but that was about the highlight.

I guess it's good to save our energy for next weekend, when we'll be in Monterey and San Francisco. After all, a little partying can go a long way.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Milkin' It

So, the movie "Milk" has come to our neck of the woods. That was the big event last night. The local A-gays rounded up everyone for the 6:00 showing. Not terribly convenient for those of us who had meetings at work until 5, but whatever. It was a good movie. Stan cried. I got pissed off. (Thirty years later and although progress has been made, not nearly enough IMHO.)

Afterwards, we went to dinner with a woman from our church and her husband (who doesn't go to church, so we've only met him a couple times). Turns out they lived in the Bay Area through 70's and remember a bunch of the events in the movie. It was a really cool evening.

We seem so socially active lately. Tomorrow night there's a work thing for Stan. Next Friday there's a retirement party for a guy from my office. Next Sunday we're planning a Super Bowl get-together. We have a housewarming at the end of Feb. For the first time I can remember, we're having to actually write our EVENING schedule on the calendar.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was wrong and so were the pundits

I was not well enough to go back to work today, so I didn't. For awhile I was feeling guilty, like maybe I'm really better and just faking it. Then I had to run to the bank and I got so nauseous in the car!

So, we have spent the entire day on the couch, watching the Inauguration. I guess in a way I'm "lucky" to have been sick, because if I had been at work I would have had a meeting at 9:00 (noon Eastern). This way, I got to participate in the whole historical significance of the day. Not sure, though, that I wouldn't have traded skipping the day's events for having my stomach settled. I HAVE to go in to work tomorrow, better or not, because I have a mountain of work staring at me for next couple weeks.

Neither of us even feels well enough to go to the dollar store and stock up on cheese popcorn for "American Idol" tonight. (Did I mention that they got in a new shipment just in time for last week's premiere?) Of course, that also means we don't feel well enough to EAT the cheese corn if we had it...

Anyway, back to the Inauguration... wasn't that speech a bust? I mean, it wasn't a BAD speech, but for all the hype the talking heads on TV built up about what a great speaker President Obama is, there were no memorable lines a la "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself," "With charity toward all and malice toward none," or "Ask not what your country can do for you." The best lines of the day were from the closing pastor.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

No SlimFast for me

Apparently the Universe has decided on a New Year's resolution for me, and is going to make me lose weight whether I like it or not. Maybe the Universe knows I have a 20-year high school reunion coming up this year.

After spending the first three days of 2009 slowly recovering from diarrhea, I am now spending the first three-day weekend of the year with what I can only assume is the flu. Many of the symptoms are the same as the food poisoning I apparently got on Dec. 31, though even more intense (passing out while throwing up; fun!) and with added joys like a fever. Plus, this time I gave it to The Husband, who is just as big a baby as I am when sick. We are a sad household at present; my mother has called three times to check on us.

Again, I'm sure I'll be well enough to go to work on Tuesday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Blahs

We've been home for a full week now. Actually, about a week and one hour. I got over the intestinal issues just in time to return to work on Monday. I've been sort of melancholy since getting back. I guess it's just the whole "same nose, new grindstone" thing that follows any extended vacation/holiday period. We had a team meeting at work on Thursday where we did an exercise on personal goal-setting. That didn't help. All the things I want to do conflict with each other (save money, travel the world). Today I've been on the computer ALL DAY, sorting through trip pictures and cleaning out three weeks' worth of e-mails. Tonight I think we're going to the casino.

The trip didn't end well, but in looking through the pictures I realize it really was a remarkable trip. We got to see friends in several different places along the way. Maybe we should do something like this again. (This summer, we could take a northern route.)

Friday, January 02, 2009

The fourteenth day of Christmas

Well, we're only six and a half short hours from home! It can't come soon enough, as I will probably need to go to the doctor when we get there. I managed to contract Montezuma's Revenge (or at least some sort of revenge) in Phoenix. At first I thought it was just food poisoning. But that generally passes in 24 hours, and I'm now into my third evening of "gastro-intestinal distress." Apparently you're not supposed to take more than four Imodium in a 24-hour period, so I'm waiting until bedtime for my next dose. My entire midsection is in pain of one form or another.

But aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? Not very good, actually. The condo in Phoenix was pretty much our worst experience with our timeshare. It took them half an hour (literally) to check us in. The bed was not TempurPedic like the timeshare in Tucson. When we got back to the unit on Tuesday night, there were NO parking spaces. We ended up parking several blocks away. Then on Wednesday there was the whole puking my guts out incident. So much for Phoenix...

Last night wasn't a lot better. The Wigwam in San Bernardino was better decorated than the one in Holbrook, but that's about it. The bed was WAY less comfortable. That, combined with the stomach issues, made for an uncomfortable experience all around. Neither of us felt much like driving through L.A. this morning (though the traffic was surprisingly light).

On the upside, we met up with three sets of friends along the way. I thought about calling folks in the Bay Area tonight, but I couldn't really leave the hotel room. I sent Stan out for dinner by himself. At least tonight the bed is comfortable.

I can't wait to be home!