Sunday, November 15, 2009


So in our shower (unlike every other shower in the known universe), the little lever that switches the stream of water between the tub spigot and the showerhead does NOT automatically drop back into the default (tub) position when the stream of water is turned off. You have to manually push it down. At the risk of sounding like a woman complaining about toilet seat lid positioning, I will note that sometimes (like yesterday) The Husband neglects this detail. Here is the split-second conversation I had in my head yesterday upon turning on the water:

Why is no water coming out? I hear water running, but nothing's coming out of the spigot... Uh oh, the lever is up. HOLY ####! Here comes that friggin' freezing water, all over my back.

Just another argument for an on-demand hot water heater, I guess.

In other news, I leave in an hour on Greyhound. I am going to a conference for work this week, and the bus was something on the order of 10% of the cost of either flying or getting reimbursement for mileage, so... This will be the first time I've taken the bus since we moved up here. Everyone warns me it's all felons being released from the local penitentiary, but I think that would be preferable to some other possibilities.


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