Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long weekend

Okay, well it wasn't a long weekend in the sense of it consisting of more than two days, but it was LOOONG in the sense of tiring. From the time I left work on Friday, I had church activities. Two hours on Friday, four hours on Saturday, four hours on Sunday. Setting up tables, arranging stuff, talking to people. And I managed to screw up my neck on Friday night (slept wrong, I think) so my shoulders have been killing me the entire weekend.

But the good news is: 1) it's over, 2) I survived, 3) I managed to not fall asleep this afternoon (Sunday naps are evil, because then I can't sleep Sunday night which means I am tired Monday, etc.), and 4) in the downtime, I got my calendar and contact info. transferred off the old cell phone which I am cancelling in just over a month.

Now I just need to clean this week so the place is presentable for a friend who is coming up to visit over Labor Day weekend. Pay bills. Reserve a room in the Bay Area for when we go down there the middle of Sept. Coordinate with our friends that we're meeting in Toronto. Read a book before we leave. And find out who wins Head of Household tonight on Big Brother - apparently without the aid of cheese popcorn.


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