Saturday, August 15, 2009


Life is starting to kick back into gear. Last night went went to comedy night at the bar. Not quite the quality of funny you get at Cobb's in the City, but it was a night out. This weekend we have tickets for the county fair - between the Husband working extra, me feeling like I should go in (for the first time in several weekends), a church picnic, the need to pay bills, etc. On Wednesday, we leave for Sacramento, followed by Reno and then my nephew's new place, and ending a week from today with a drive home along a route we haven't taken since we moved here.

Then it will be just four weeks until we leave for Toronto, followed by my 20-year high school reunion. I was thinking about a post on all the things I have accomplished in the last 20 years, because I was feeling somewhat down about life. Then I read the newspaper. That's always a good exercise for when you think you've made some bad choices. "Well sure, I could stand to drop 20 lbs. and pay off my credit cards, but at least I'm not a meth dealer testifying against my trailer-mates for the murder of a guy I'd just given $1,200 I'd made turning tricks." Wow!


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