Friday, June 26, 2009


Well, it's night #1 of the big trip. We are in SF. From here, we go to Misery, then Kansas, then VEGAS(!!), and back. Speaking of back and forth, I went back and forth on whether to lug the laptop along. It will be utterly useless while we are in the Midwest, but it won't get to Vegas with us without going through Wichita. I finally decided in favor of the lug, so now I'm on our hotel's free Wi-Fi connection -- which is ridiculously slow. "Hello, I live in the boondocks! We're in the tech capital of the universe and I have to refresh the Blogger dashboard to get it to load properly?" Anyway, check the mobile blog if you're dying for a random stuff fix; I might do some drunk texting once we get to Sin City.


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