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Friday, May 29, 2009

Another great web takedown

Some of these are really good.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I did it

I successfully changed a tire. That wasn't part of the plan for the weekend. The plan WAS to spend all day Saturday on the couch reading, spend today cleaning the house, and spend tomorrow in the office catching up in blissful solitude. The plan has gone largely along those lines, with evening wrinkles. Friday night we got last-minute tickets to a local production of "The Producers" and took friends to that. Last night, the same friends called us and invited us over to their place for cards. Tonight we went to the grocery store, where someone apparently slashed our rear driver's side tire. I struggled with the lug nuts for awhile, then we called AAA. While waiting for AAA to arrive, I re-read the instructions, found out that I had been turning the wrong direction, and got the spare on in about five minutes. So the Husband called AAA back and cancelled. Overall, it's been a weekend of achievement. I read a lot of my book yesterday (though I still haven't finished it) and I got through most of my outstanding e-mails. Today I got the house to a state of minimal squalor (except for the office, of course; there's got to be that one room where everything's piled up, right?). And of course there was the aforementioned tire-change. I think I'm going to sleep well tonight.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Like Frito's I'm tryin' to lay

I've been paying attention to song lyrics lately - even more so than normal. When I was back East for training, one of the instructors was big on relating song lyrics to our class themes. Then today the Husband revealed that he has composed music for a new song, but is desparately trying to concoct lyrics. In addition to the title of the post, here are some of my favorite lyrics from today:

Tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef, that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't f---in' scared of him.

I try to run but see I'm not that fast. I think I'm first but surely finish last, last.

And an oldie but a goodie...
My friend the Communist holds meetings in his RV. I can't afford his gas, so I'm stuck here watchin' TV.

We heard these while driving to Oregon and back. I SHOULD have gone into the office today, but it was just a spectacular day (you know, the coastal summer months - May & September). So I decided we would go stock up on exotic Oregonian groceries instead (no fresh fruits or vegetables across the state line, of course). The plan was to drive straight through, since we didn't get out of town until about 2 p.m., then stop and take pictures of the beautiful day on the way back. Here's the part I didn't figure into this plan: the coastal fog decided that the nice day was OVER at precisely 7 p.m. No gorgeous shots of sunset on the ocean for us!

Oh well, at least we are now have months' worth of cat treats and laundry detergent...

Monday, May 11, 2009

It just gets better and better

I laughed so hard at this one, I almost blacked out!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Internet is a seemingly limitless source of random humor

This WAS my favorite site, until finding this.

You can tell I'm spending too much time online. I've had to renew my library book twice now.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Finally, those alumni donations are worthwhile

Seven deadly sins

Monday, May 04, 2009

I'm so sleepy

Jet lag + lack of sleep last week is not good. I didn't do too bad this morning, but now I'm dying.

On the plus side, the Husband likes the Marie Antoinette action figure (with ejector head!) that I brought him.