Random Stuff from My Life

Saturday, July 25, 2009

How did THAT happen?

I know it's far from an original thought how fast life goes by, but I am truly stunned: I just looked at my iTunes catalog, and there are songs that I have not played in over a year! I didn't even think I had been on iTunes for a full year. Geez!

Anyway, I got home successfully. Despite a colleague developing pneumonia, fog at the airport, a wind shift in Salt Lake City that forced us to taxi forever, and a host of minor things. Have I mentioned that I am far less enamored of travel than I was a decade ago?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Old pictures are the greatest!

One of the secretaries at work wanted us all to bring in old prom photos so we could laugh at each other. In looking through Mom & Dad's albums, I discovered a pic that is SO going to be part of my Christmas card - my niece has both a perm AND a New Kids on the Block sweatshirt! Now there's this craze, that I sadly missed. Why is it that black and white photos from the 50's (like my parents' high school pictures) look cool, but everything taken since then (say, my brother's 1973 first wedding) looks completely cheesy and dated about six months after it was taken?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fonda was arrested the day I was born

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Not much to say

It's been busy, but nothing too exciting. Sunday I leave on another trip (for work). I'm not really looking forward to it. Do I pack a real suitcase and pay the checked bag fee? Do I try and survive for a whole week out of a carry-on? And what will I forget to pack? Worst part is, I'm away on our anniversary (well, I get back LATE that night if the flights are on time). I can't wait to be home for awhile and do nothing.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Fourth

I suppose I should be in bed, as we have to be at the airport in about six hours and we're not even done packing. Oh well, I can sleep on the plane like everyone else on every flight leaving Vegas, right?

We had a relatively uneventful day. We decided early on to scrap our original plans of dancing at one of the nightclubs at the Palms. Both of us have sore feet from last night. So we spent most of the day at the slots, then came back to the condo and tried to decide what to do to celebrate Independence Day.

We had settled on the idea of taking a cab to the Stratosphere and having drinks at the bar on top of the tower. But the cab lines were already pretty deep with no cabs in sight, so we opted for taking the monorail down to Paris instead. Of course, the lines for the Eiffel Tower were longer than the lines to get a cab, so we ended up just walking outside, where we got to see both the Bellagio fountains and the Caesar's fireworks going off at the same time - along with a helicopter landing in the northbound lanes of Las Vegas Blvd. (we still have no idea why; I just went to three local news websites and no one is mentioning it). Got some great video.

Then we went back inside and had drinks at a little casino bar with a DJ. Being in Vegas on the first holiday weekend after Michael Jackson's death is a trip. I've heard "Billie Jean," "Thriller," and "PYT" more in the past two days than in the previous 20 years combined!

Okay, well, I guess I should get SOME sleep in order to make it onto the plane...

Friday, July 03, 2009


Well, I won some money Wednesday night. Yesterday we had really lousy service at both lunch (Outback) and dinner (Hawaiian Tropic Zone). Today we've been hanging around the pool at the condo. Now I'm doing a load of laundry while the Husband walks over to the Sahara to give back some of what I won. He has a massage later, and then we go to dinner at Mandalay Bay. After that, who knows?

It would be nice to have another couple here (we got the two-bedroom condo), but it's been really convenient having all this space to ourselves. We can use the bathroom down the hall and walk around au naturel.

Had two drinks at the pool, but I haven't really felt the need to drink a lot this trip.

I'm downloading an album on iTunes, and it's going really slowly on the condo Wi-Fi connection.

That's about all I can think of for now - must be about nap time. Yea, I love vacation.