Random Stuff from My Life

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just beachy

It was a spectacular afternoon here. Really, the kind of weather we only have about twice a year. The kind that reminds you that we live in California. So, we did the Californian thing and went to the beach.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Richmond recap

Well, my trip to the other coast was a success, in the sense that I had fun and managed to not come back to TOO big a pile of stuff at work. The worst part was the middle seat I got on my red-eye from LAX to JFK. The best part was the wine tour. (Despite being a coastal Californian, I am not much of a wine snob. I figure the point of any kind of alcohol is intoxication, and in that sense Virginia had some GREAT wineries.)

We have two weekends at home before we head up to Ashland for Shakespeare, then two more before Florida. I am really, really enjoying being home. (Yet more evidence that I am becoming my parents.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Since when?

So, there's this Mexican restaurant in town. The sign says "since 1981." My initial reaction is, why should that be impressive? There's another restaurant down the street that's "since 1965." But then I remember: 1981 was TWENTY-SEVEN years ago, and that's a pretty good run for a family restaurant. You know the statistic: most businesses fail in their first year. My all-time favorite, though, is a sign I saw in Germany - "Loewenapotheke, seit 1431." Translation: Lion's Pharmacy. Since 1431. THAT'S worth bragging about.

'Nuff said

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I feel like I should blog

Well, it's the gayest weekend of the year here. Big photo exhibit of gay pioneers last night. Drag bingo tonight. Pride parade tomorrow. I've been putting off blogging in the hopes that something interesting will happen. But so far it's been the same ol', same ol'. Paid bills. Got a haircut. Had breakfast with a former colleague. Watching football and listening to 80's music now while The Husband does laundry. Yee ha.

I did have a thought. I am my parents more each day. No, that thought did not occur to me when I saw my dad's jowls staring back at me in the mirror at the hair place. It occurred to me because of my latest obsession. I am totally into LinkedIn now.

Once upon a time, I joined Friendster. But I haven't opened my page in probably a year (and not very frequently in the two years before that). I never did the MySpace or Facebook thing. Just seems so "I'm not 17 anymore." This week, though, I signed up for LinkedIn and now I am completely absorbed with building my network. I'm checking about every 2 hours to see who else has joined.

This relates to my parents not because of their online social lives (ha!), but because when they develop an interest (like fishing or watching movies or gardening), they become ridiculously obsessive about it for awhile before moving on to the next thing. In the same way, my iTunes fanaticism seems to be on the wane (though I did have a big Laura Branigan/Pat Benatar/Sheena Easton shopping spree today) as my LinkedIn passion has ignited.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sinuses suck

Anyone care to explain to me the evolutionary advantage of a hole in one's head that can be induced to fill up with mucous just by a little dust? The sinus canal may indeed be proof that God has a sense of humor - a really dark, sick sense of humor.

In case you haven't guessed by now, I am in my second day of misery. They are replacing the carpets at work, which has introduced literally 30 years worth of dust into the air I'm supposed to breathe. I was fine last week when they were working at the other end of the hall, but yesterday I moved some boxes for my boss and it all began. Not only does my head feel like it has been stuffed with lead weights, but I'm exhausted. I took a nap after work yesterday, got a full night's sleep, and still fell right back into bed when I got home (early) tonight.

In other news, I have added something new to my list of things to do before I die: go to a major-party political convention. I haven't watched all the coverage, but what I have watched has just seemed so exciting. No, I'm serious. And it's not just the drama of the groundbreaking candidates. The conventions appear to be perfect excuses for behavior (and modes of dress) that you wouldn't be caught dead participating in for the other 3 years and 51 weeks out of each quadrennium. (Unless these people act and dress like this all the time, in which case I don't want to be anywhere near them.)