Saturday, September 13, 2008

I feel like I should blog

Well, it's the gayest weekend of the year here. Big photo exhibit of gay pioneers last night. Drag bingo tonight. Pride parade tomorrow. I've been putting off blogging in the hopes that something interesting will happen. But so far it's been the same ol', same ol'. Paid bills. Got a haircut. Had breakfast with a former colleague. Watching football and listening to 80's music now while The Husband does laundry. Yee ha.

I did have a thought. I am my parents more each day. No, that thought did not occur to me when I saw my dad's jowls staring back at me in the mirror at the hair place. It occurred to me because of my latest obsession. I am totally into LinkedIn now.

Once upon a time, I joined Friendster. But I haven't opened my page in probably a year (and not very frequently in the two years before that). I never did the MySpace or Facebook thing. Just seems so "I'm not 17 anymore." This week, though, I signed up for LinkedIn and now I am completely absorbed with building my network. I'm checking about every 2 hours to see who else has joined.

This relates to my parents not because of their online social lives (ha!), but because when they develop an interest (like fishing or watching movies or gardening), they become ridiculously obsessive about it for awhile before moving on to the next thing. In the same way, my iTunes fanaticism seems to be on the wane (though I did have a big Laura Branigan/Pat Benatar/Sheena Easton shopping spree today) as my LinkedIn passion has ignited.


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