Saturday, August 30, 2008

So much going on

First a comment: The laptop is generally great, but the touch keys are so sensitive. I just tried to wipe away a hair and triggered the DVD player.

Anyway, for a weekend that is supposed to be about honoring labor by not performing any, there's a lot going on. Called my dad last night for his birthday (which he, a lifelong Democrat, is none too happy to share with John McCain) and he said that Michael Martin Murphey is going to be at the big Labor Day festivities in my hometown. That prompted me to start singing "Wildfire" to Stanley and head to iTunes, where I purchased "Will It Be Love By Morning."

This morning my sister called to announce that she had sold a painting. She has always been a good artist (I grew up loving a picture she had painted in high school), but now that her only child is a married father and she's somewhat disillusioned with her career, she's gotten really serious about painting. She's joined an artists' collective and taken tons of classes. Her work is now being exhibited in several places.

Back here on the coast, both the film festival and the blues festival are in town this weekend, with another community celebration up in the little town where my boss has her weekend cabin. Stan got up early to go stump for the No on 8 campaign, and now he's getting the oil changed (something we're 1,000 miles late in doing).

But the thing I am MOST excited about, of course, is the first weekend of college football! I feel like going into the office, just to watch ESPN (though I have plenty to keep me busy if I do actually go in). That seems to violate the spirit of the weekend, though, so I guess I can wait another 45 minutes for ABC's coverage to start. In the meantime, I'm listening to "Jock Jams."


Blogger emawkc said...

Hey, I was back home for the weekend. Missed Michael Martin Murphy (well, I didn't really miss him), but I saw your mom and dad. Had a nice, though brief, conversation with them before I had to get back to work helping out on the smoking contest.

You guys will have to try to make it back one of these years.


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