Saturday, January 24, 2009

Milkin' It

So, the movie "Milk" has come to our neck of the woods. That was the big event last night. The local A-gays rounded up everyone for the 6:00 showing. Not terribly convenient for those of us who had meetings at work until 5, but whatever. It was a good movie. Stan cried. I got pissed off. (Thirty years later and although progress has been made, not nearly enough IMHO.)

Afterwards, we went to dinner with a woman from our church and her husband (who doesn't go to church, so we've only met him a couple times). Turns out they lived in the Bay Area through 70's and remember a bunch of the events in the movie. It was a really cool evening.

We seem so socially active lately. Tomorrow night there's a work thing for Stan. Next Friday there's a retirement party for a guy from my office. Next Sunday we're planning a Super Bowl get-together. We have a housewarming at the end of Feb. For the first time I can remember, we're having to actually write our EVENING schedule on the calendar.


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