Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Blahs

We've been home for a full week now. Actually, about a week and one hour. I got over the intestinal issues just in time to return to work on Monday. I've been sort of melancholy since getting back. I guess it's just the whole "same nose, new grindstone" thing that follows any extended vacation/holiday period. We had a team meeting at work on Thursday where we did an exercise on personal goal-setting. That didn't help. All the things I want to do conflict with each other (save money, travel the world). Today I've been on the computer ALL DAY, sorting through trip pictures and cleaning out three weeks' worth of e-mails. Tonight I think we're going to the casino.

The trip didn't end well, but in looking through the pictures I realize it really was a remarkable trip. We got to see friends in several different places along the way. Maybe we should do something like this again. (This summer, we could take a northern route.)


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