Sunday, December 14, 2008

Variety is the spice of blogging

Time with the Husband
So I had Monday off work. We needed to have some work done on the car before our big trip. Instead of just letting Stan deal with it and staying home to play on the computer or something, I went with him to the auto repair place. Then, being sans auto for three hours, we just walked around town. Together. We never have a chance to do that. Usually when we're both home at the same time, we're both busy. It was nice to just spend an afternoon together with no plans, no pressure, etc. Plus, it was probably good practice for all the time we're going to be spending together on our trip.

The best ad ever
Speaking of our trip, I got a bunch of McDonald's gift certificates for us to eat various non-Sonic meals on the road. Have you seen these new "Nuggnuts" commercials that Mickey D's is running? They are stupid, but I think they must be the most effective ads in history, because they've actually made me hungry for Chicken McNuggets. Those things are awful!

Always an adVENTURE
And speaking of good advertising, they ought to bring back Venture stores.

God knows, my Husband calls Tar-zhay "Venture" ALL THE TIME.

Fin de semana de las nueces pimientas
Someone at the office had the bright idea that we should all make homemade cookies to distribute to other departments. Four dozen each. I decided that Stan and I should make peppernuts, another Midwestern specialty of German extraction (like bierrocks) that none of my California colleagues had ever heard of. What I failed to adequately convey to Stan (who, despite his supposed German grandparentage, was just as clueless as the Golden Staters) is the time required to make a quantity of these equivalent to four dozen regular-sized cookies. We have spent most of the last two days in an assembly-line-style kitchen production, with me rolling and slicing the dough and him taking one pan out of the oven and sliding another in to replace it. It's gone relatively well, but I don't think we could ever be one of those couples (that you see on Oprah; I've never actually met any of these people) who enjoy cooking together.

Noche de luces
We did take a break from baking long enough to go sit in the rain and see the local electrical parade. You'll have to forgive the picture quality; I used the real camera last year, and it's no better and capturing lights at night than the cell phone is.


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