Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Okay, I'm ready to talk

Vacation review
First off, Ft. Lauderdale was great. It is so much different than Miami Beach. And it was mega-relaxing. A lot of lazily drifting around the pool at our resort on a pool float. Which is so not (normally) me. I think Stan was a little flummoxed that I didn't want to go, go, go and see a million things. He tried to convince me to drive down to the Keys, but I just was not up for hours in the car. It was a good thing vacation was so relaxing, because it's been non-stop stress since we got back. Starting with...

The election
Okay, so we have an African-American President-Elect and that's historic and it was neat to watch Oprah in Grant Park, but... PROP 8 PASSED! There are no words to describe what a complete affront this is to the basic ideals of American democracy. Mob rule is not supposed to be able to take rights away from minority groups. That's why we have cute little innovations like the Electoral College. I have been so pissed since last Tuesday I can't even express myself. I was just beginning to let go of the anger a little bit when...

You've GOT to be kidding me
I got home last night and there was a letter in the mail from Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Miami. They're alleging that we damaged our rental car! I have rented cars all across this country for a decade now, and this has NEVER happened. And in fact, it DIDN'T happen (so far as I know, but I don't even know for sure what they're alleging because the letter didn't specify a type or amount of damage). Now I have to deal with this? I need an escape, like...

My post-Lottery win plan
I've decide how I really want to spend my life. Six and a half months a year (early June through mid-December) in northern California. Five months a year (New Year's Eve through late May) in southern Florida. Two weeks a year (Christmas and Memorial Day) in Kansas. One house overlooking the Pacific and one overlooking the Atlantic. The best of both coasts, plus a few amber waves of grain thrown in for good measure. We could keep our cell phone plan, but change Stan's number to a Florida number so we'd have one local number in California and one in Florida. Then we could get a Kansas number on Skype. We'd keep all our winter clothes in the California house and our summer clothes in the Florida house and just need a carry-on bag to get us through the change of seasons in Kansas. And we'd still have our timeshares for when we needed to "get away" from this fabulous, carefree existence. Hey, some days dreams are all you've got, you know?

Speaking of Skype
I finally signed up. I didn't get a SkypeIn number yet, but if anyone out there's on the service, let me know and we can Skype-to-Skype for free.

That's about it for today, kids. Wish me luck on the rental car fight. At least it's my birthday month so I get free slot play at the local casinos.


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