Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trip, Day 1

It was pretty windy along the coast yesterday, so the ocean was just gorgeous. Wish we'd had time to stop and take pictures, but Stan ran late getting home so we had to book it up here.

We are staying at a brand-new Homewood Suites. It's really nice, but their interior decorator obviously subscribed to a philosophy of "if one pattern is nice, ten patterns will be super!" This place is going to look dated in about a month.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is one of 1000 Places to See Before You Die. But I've seen it. Twice now. But it's SOOO good. I want to come back again next year.

We saw Othello last night. I know it's not an original thought, but it always strikes me how timeless Shakespeare's plays are. And this was really well done. Cold, though. The Elizabethan Theater is open-air, and it was in the low 40's by intermission. When you're just sitting for 3 hours and 15 minutes, that gets chilly.

We don't have a play today. We're thinking about going up to Crater Lake, which Stan has never seen. I don't know. We have two flat-screen TV's in the room and College GameDay is already on!


Blogger Grant said...

I love Crater Lake. Gorgeous. You can always catch the late games this evening!

9:33 AM  

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