Friday, October 03, 2008


It's raining. I love rain. True, I will be sick to death of it by April and never want to see rain again. Until about September. Then I'll be ready. I've been ready. They've been predicting it. "Storms this weekend." It was supposed to start yesterday. Well, yeah, it did--sort of. A few drops and then nothing. Actual sun in the afternoon! No, no, no. We've had our one nice day for the fall, now I want wet leaves swirling around me when I leave the house. I want the sound of rain falling on the roof as I curl up on the couch. I want to wear sweaters. Today, at last, I am wearing a sweater. There's been a slow, soaking rain for a couple hours now. This is good. I want a heavier rain, but not until after I get off the freeway for my lunch date.


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