Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unabashed consumerism

Well, here I am... awake on my day off. Watching the Macy's Parade. Having already poured through the ads for tomorrow morning's sales. I'm not sure we need anything. In fact, I'm relatively sure we don't. But we'll probably head out anyway. Once again, Long's Drugs seems to have the best ad (Pepsi for 69 cents, $5 off a $25 iTunes card, a winter emergency kit... stuff we'll actually use).

Keeping Up With the Digital Joneses
The one big purchase I am seriously considering is an external hard drive. I remember my first computer... 2 KB of RAM, data storage on cassette tapes, a 5" wide printer that required special thermal paper, no software of any kind (you had to program anything you wanted it to do in BASIC). Now I'm annoyed when the laptop gets a bit sluggish if I try to Skype, surf the 'Net and burn a DVD simultaneously. So, you know, I really "need" extra data storage. The only question is whether it should be the 750 GB for $88.88 at Target or the cheaper but less capacity 640 GB for $69.99 at Staples.

What I Really Need
I'm hoping someone will have a sale on Just for Men. I swear the amount of gray in my hair tripled since the last time I put on my glasses in front of the bathroom mirror. Oh well, I guess I can give thanks for still having some of my hair.

The Holidays Have Begun
It's officially that time of year. We missed "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," but we watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" as well as "Rosie Live." We're on our second batch of Chex Mix. Stan is making a pumpkin pie to take to our friends' house for Thanksgiving Dinner (which is at 5 p.m.; having been raised by a Southern woman, I've always believed that "dinner" is the noon meal, at least on Sundays and holidays). I've got the holiday letter ready to go to the post office tomorrow after our shopping excursions. It's beginning to feel a lot like... this year has been entirely too fast.

Season's Greetings!


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