Saturday, December 20, 2008


So far, so good.

We had my office holiday party last night and there was wine involved. Not so much that I made a complete fool of myself, but enough to give me a restless night of sleep. I was up from around 3:30 on, so at 5:00 Stan gave up and we got out of bed. We left town at exactly 6:30. There was light traffic and no icy roads, so we made it to our motel for the first night at exactly 2:00. Uh, okay, guess we could have driven farther today. Except, no, that was enough being in the car. We took a nice nap then got up and went looking for dinner and cheap gas. Now it's just after 6, and we're in for the evening.

Tonight's Travelodge is clean and the Wi-Fi works. We've been on an all-fast food diet - hopefully the buffet at Harrah's will have a good salad selection tomorrow night. Speaking of Harrah's, I think we'll be Wi-Fi-less for two nights, so for the latest adventures check the Mobile Blog.

Last but not least, why is it that the cheapest gas station you pass during a trip becomes the benchmark for all successive gas purchases? Sure, gas in Merced may be 20 cents a gallon cheaper than it is at home (and $2/gal. less than what we were paying not so very long ago), but the fact that it's 20 cents a gallon MORE than some random place 50 miles north of here is just absolutely unacceptable.


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