Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, it's Ash Wednesday. I actually forgot that there was a church service tonight until we were finishing dinner. (Maybe because I've been advancing everything a day all week; it really seems like Thursday to me.) We went to Walgreen's instead of church. Now we're watching Idol. We definitely didn't give up cheese popcorn for Lent!

So far, the Top 36 has been more painful to watch than the trainwreck auditions. I don't understand why this should seem like Thursday; it's really more of a Tuesday. We watched the President's speech to Congress last night, but someone needs to tell that man that his popularity is going to PLUMMET if he ever dares to disrupt the AI schedule again. I mean, the economy is important and all but let's not kid ourselves about America's priorities.

Things have finally slowed down a little at work. I made myself a promise to leave at 5:00 this week. (Then I get home and have no idea what to do with the extra time in my evening.) I'm actually thinking about reading a book!


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