Sunday, February 15, 2009

Holiday weekend

LOL! The title of this post could not be more ironic. Sure, the office is closed tomorrow. Just like it was closed last Thursday, when I was there for nine and a half hours. Just like it was closed today, when I went in for two hours. Oh well, I knew these would be a rough couple weeks. I just didn't expect to be dealing with crises that prevented me from doing the work I need to be doing (like water gushing from the ceiling of the office on Wednesday). Fun, fun.

In other news, we did manage to go out for Valentine's dinner last night. Not too romantic, but it was pretty much the highlight of the weekend. I have a bunch of stuff to do at home, too. (In fact, we spent most of Friday night in a huge fight on that topic.)

TV has been good, though. "Wipeout" was on this afternoon, and tonight was the premiere of "The Amazing Race" (with Mel White as a contestant!). Even though I fell asleep before SNL last night, we are through the prelims on "American Idol" and get to vote this week.

Also, I re-read part of Maya Angelou's biography Thursday night. She recounts so many encounters with people who were deeply involved in what was going on in the 60's. It got me to wondering: am I missing out on some level of experience of important events going on in the world today? Will I regret later not being more engaged today?

There's always a weird tension between the mundane and the monumental, the urgent and the important.


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