Saturday, January 12, 2008

The potatoes get a couch

Well, it's no $15,000 steak, but I had a $2150 lunch today. Quizno's was only eight bucks; the furniture store accounted for the rest. Burgundy leather sofa and chair. I hope I like them once they get here. I should, right? I've always wanted a burgundy leather sofa. And Nate Berkus said last night on Oprah to get the best one you can afford. Not sure we can actually afford two thousand bucks at the moment, but it's the annual sale with one year no-interest financing (the same one that induced us to acquire a new dining table twelve months ago). Plus, our New Year's resolution was to spend less money on travel so we're nesting instead.

We started this odyssey last week, but I was torn between living room and bedroom furniture. We'd been talking about moving the futon into the spare bedroom, along with the new TV. But our next major purchase was supposed to be a nice bedroom suite. Didn't find anything I liked on the bedroom front. We could have gotten several pieces that matched our entertainment center, in preparation for the day we have a master bedroom large enough to have the entertainment center in it. But I'm not so crazy about the entertainment center that I want to commit to that style for the next 20 years. Instead, we shuffled things around--travel books out of the entertainment center; CD's and tapes out of the antique credenza and into the entertainment center; moved the bed onto another wall; moved the credenza into the bedroom to use as a dresser; moved the chest of drawers from the spare room into our room. Without the credenza taking up space, it's obvious that the living room can support additional furniture. Thus, I went on the hunt for a living room grouping.

The Husband wanted a reclining sofa, but when I found the nice leather set--on sale--I figured we could get him a separate recliner in the future, since this grouping is sans love seat. He hasn't seen what I bought yet. He's taking an AutoCAD refresher course at the local community college this weekend, so I went shopping by myself. It's so nice to have a trusting mate...

Anyway, even more exciting than a new sofa is the fact that American Idol starts back up this week!

In other news, I am no longer having buyer's remorse about the laptop. I am discovering the limits of the Q, and I managed to download some nice malware onto the desktop on New Year's Day, so that is currently in the shop.

And in continuing Sundance coverage, I went on the web Wednesday night and found out that every single showing we had planned for Sunday was already sold out (first and second choices). So, we had to rearrange our plans a little bit. But I successfully connected Thursday morning at the appointed time and ordered everything on our revamped list. We're going to see five films (three in Salt Lake and two in Park City), plus a program of shorts. And we've also got tickets to a shorts block for the alternative Slamdance festival. My boss is jealous; apparently she has wanted to go to Sundance for years.


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