Friday, November 30, 2007

It's beginning to seem a lot like Christmas

Well, we had our holiday party planning meeting at work yesterday, and tonight the secretary and I rolled the tree out of storage to its place of honor by the front counter. Although we have no fear of (or hope for) a white Christmas here along the coast, the nights are getting down below 40 now. So it's beginning to feel slightly festive. Tonight the Husband and I went to Target and used a bunch of coupons that were expiring on 11/30 to buy food for the holiday food drive. And we stopped at the dollar store and bought a faux pine garland because I don't want to go to the trouble of putting up the tree (the new TV is temporarily in the front-window spot that the tree occupied last year). We came home and strung the garland over the hallway door and put ornaments on it. Tomorrow night we have a holiday party, so we got a poinsettia to take as a hostess gift (a real one at Target, not a fake one at the dollar store).

In other holiday news, I somehow got on the mailing list for Barneys New York. They sent me a Christmas catalog that makes Needless Markup look positively sane. There's only one thing in this catalog I would want to own, and one that I could afford--and they're not the same thing. Seriously, who pays $805 for a shopping bag? Of course, if you don't like that one, they have another for $1,390!


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