Saturday, October 20, 2007

So sleepy

So, three of the five pills I'm now taking daily "make cause drowsiness." Uh, yeah... I've been taking a nap every evening after work and before dinner (and Stan's been having a hard time waking me up for dinner), and still getting a full night's sleep. No heavy machinery operation for me.

What is up with college football this year? There's no "upset Saturday"--every Saturday is upset Saturday. I wonder if there's ever been a season with so much churn in the top 25. (And obviously I'm annoyed that my Wildcats lost again.)

My sister e-mailed and said she's waiting on news about my nephew's kid being born. Does this mean his wife is in labor?

This afternoon we went to a co-worker's wedding. It was a really nice ceremony; out of the four weddings we've been to this year, it was probably the one closest to my own vision of a proper wedding. (The soprano who sang "Ave Maria" was great.)

Then we came home and I took a nap...


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