Saturday, September 29, 2007

Let's see if I can link all this together

In more proof that I am actually a teenage girl trapped in a rapidly-approaching-middle-age gay guy's body, I am currently listening to the Justin Timberlake CD that I just loaded onto my laptop. The nominal excuse for purchasing the CD was that I needed to add one more item to my Amazon order to qualify for free shipping. In reality, of course, I have wanted it for some time. Stan hated "SexyBack," but I liked it. Then JT's had a billion other songs from the album garner radio play, and they've all been better than half of the other stuff that gets airtime these days (not that that would be hard).

The reason for the Amazon order in the first place was Dave Barry's latest book. I'm about three-quarters of the way through Dave Barry's History of the Millennium (So Far). It's not as funny as some of his past stuff (I think he's gotten more serious since Sept. 11/getting remarried/having another kid), but it is amazing to think of all the stuff that has happened in the past seven years. Heck, when the clock struck Y2K, I was still living in Kansas.

Speaking of which, two jobs just opened up in Kansas--one 25 miles away from my parents and one in Manhattan, where I went to college. Either would be a great job, and they each pay slightly more than I am making out here in California (though far less than what I could potentially be making in a few years). Stan is not at all in favor of a move back to the Midwest. He took the opportunity to remind me of what my allergies would do if we moved back. Plus, I just got my promotion here and Mom and Dad seem to be healthy at the moment. So, I probably won't apply.

After all, California has been good for us. Two new dollar stores just opened here in town. (Stick with me here; I know this is a rough transition.) Stan went to the grand opening for one of them yesterday, and he won a $50 gift certificate! It's actually hard to spend $50 at a dollar store. (Neither of them had the two-year planner, BTW.)

Another way in which we are committed to staying here is our church involvement. Stan is deacon through the end of the year, and I just got tapped to design a website for the church. (Apparently I'm the logical choice because I'm the only congregant under 50 who doesn't have a bunch of kids taking up all my time.)

On the other hand, moving back (particularly to Manhattan) would allow me to see a lot more K-State football. There's no football at all on our basic cable right now. We've got to do something about getting a better TV package. I'm actually thinking about going into the office, just so I could watch ESPN while I work. (I don't really need to go in this weekend, but there's stuff I could do. Of course, there's plenty to do at home, too, like laundry and working more on the aforementioned church website.)

Decisions, decisions...


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