Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oh my goddess

I suppose there could be worse things... I have a song stuck in my head. A theme song. Last Sunday while we were in the City, we went to the gay bookstore. I got a travel book for next spring's Vegas sojourn, a 2008 calendar (cowboys!), and the DVD of the first season of Logo's Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World. We've watched all the episodes (only six) over the past three nights, along with our Netflix DVD (the last of the series of BBC's Planet Earth). The show is cute, but not nearly as witty as, say, South Park. The theme song, however, is infectious: "There's Dayna and Kiersten, and Evan and Chuck, but all our lives just suck... compared to Rick and Steve, Rick and Steve, happy and gay like you wouldn't believe. Loving life, hating girls; they're the happiest gay couple in all the world."

Aside from watching DVD's, I've basically been at work. I went into the office both days this weekend--yesterday for practically a full day. And I'm still behind. And next weekend we leave again. I don't have time to hold down a job; I've got a social life to attend to! Of course, there's the little matter of money to support that social life.

Speaking of money, we found out that the couple that lives in the other half of our duplex is taking part in a free energy-savings retrofit. They gave us the information about the program, and it is an income-qualification thing. Uh, as a couple we make about a hundred thousand dollars a year over the cut-off for a two-person household. Guess we're in a slightly different income bracket from our neighbors. That has renewed our desires to look at buying a house. There was one in the paper this morning--four bedrooms, 1600 square feet on a large lot... for less than what we offered for the condo we almost bought in the Bay Area. The Husband went by and looked at it, and there's apparently a reason for the price. It currently has no doors or windows. Next...


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