Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No good ideas for a title

There is something oddly comforting about seeing a middle-aged man with his elderly mother. I don't know why that is. This was a thought that occurred to me on the way to pick up a pizza.

The Husband had called in the pizza order. When the girl at the counter looked at my ID, she asked if Stan was a nickname. "No," I replied. "He's my boyfriend; he's at home." Boyfriend? We're a week past celebrating our third anniversary. Why did I say "boyfriend"? It's not like I was worried about being identified as gay; I said boyfriend, after all. But why not "husband"? That'd be a good question for my therapist, if I had one.

Meanwhile, I'm typing on my new LAPTOP! Let me say this: I HATE HEWLETT-PACKARD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! The laptop is beautiful, and I love it, except... they did not install all the software I ordered on it. After a completely unfulfilling conversation with someone in Bangalore, I've been playing phone tag with a customer service "case manager" for a solid week now. I've gotten beyond pissed off to that place of mixed annoyance and amusement.

I'm excited about the laptop. This means I can now be even more in contact when we go on trips, as we are doing again this coming weekend.

I booked another flight this week--for my parents. K-State is playing at Fresno the weekend after Thanksgiving this year, so I got four tickets to the game and two airline tickets for them. It's good to have focused plans for one of the major winter holidays this year.


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