Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Have you ever noticed?

There seems to be an inverse relationship between the attractiveness of a landscape at ground level and that same landscape's attractiveness from 30,000 feet in the air. I am utterly fascinated by the plateaux and canyons of the West (from the air; they're just hot and dusty up close unless you're peering over the rim of the Grand Canyon). Similarly, vast expanses of flat and featureless farmland form lovely patterns of checks and circles when viewed from above. But the humbling redwood forests? Just a big whole honkin' mass of green from above.

Of course, these thoughts occur to me only because I have the good fortune to be able to fly around this country fairly often.

Speaking of travel, I started SlimFast today in preparation for our Miami trip. Not sure when I'll start the bronzer; maybe around the first of the month.

Right now, though, my body still has no idea what time zone it's supposed to be in after eight airplanes rides in the last three days. Yes, my nephew is now a married man. And the Super 8 in Bonner Springs, Kansas, is one of the nicest hotels of any type--not just the nicest budget hotel--in which I have ever stayed.

In other news, Stan appears to have found temporary employment with the potential to turn into something longer term. And we got a big rebate check for overpayment on some of his medical expenses from last fall. So, things are looking good at the moment.


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