Saturday, June 09, 2007

Things that make me happy

Stan is not a big fan of "Friends." His opinion is that he's already seen all the episodes, so why would he watch them again? Personally, I could watch the re-runs over and over and never get tired. The way I never get tired of pizza. The way I never tired of "Hogan's Heroes" when I was younger.

My favorite episode is the one where Phoebe meets Mike's parents. I can crack myself up by just thinking about that episode.

MP3 players are great. I've loaded a bunch of good songs into mine. I listen to them over and over. Every time one comes on, I think, "Oh yeah, I love this song."

I've never been much into video games, but lately I have become addicted to playing "Bejeweled 2" online against other people.

Got a haircut last night. It's shorter than it has been in a couple years. I like it.

It's overcast today, but kind of warm. Think I'm going to go get the MP3 player and set out on the deck and read last Sunday's Chronicle.


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