Saturday, March 24, 2007

What a long, strange month it's been

First off, I am never getting a flu shot again. I am currently going through my second bout of winter sickness, which is one more than I have in a normal year. I am not happy. It is all the Husband's fault, though (both the flu shot and the current illness).

Speaking of the Husband, he is upset by this season's American Idol voting. I figure the folks who've left so far probably shouldn't have, but they weren't going to win anyway.

I was in Sacramento on Monday for a meeting, and the Governor spoke at our luncheon. He really does sound just like those caricatures.

You know how you never really know someone until you travel with them? We went to the City last weekend with some friends. Ay yi yi! We won't be traveling with them again.

My nephew apparently knocked up his girlfriend, so I get to take an unscheduled cross-country flight this summer for their shotgun wedding. At least in the middle of all this craziness we got our taxes done and we are getting money back (though I still have to pay the state).


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