Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Long time, no post

Well, I meant to blog... I was going to write about the cute Highway Patrolman I met (while he was writing me up for my first ticket in 14 years). Then I was going to write about the jarring experience of being awakened to the less-than-dulcet strains of "Fergilicious" when Stan hit music wake instead of alarm wake one morning. Then I was going to write about how quickly luxuries become necessities (a thought initially prompted by the use of my remote keyless door entry on a rainy evening but even more appropos of the last two days at work--our Outlook server crashed, so I've had absolutely no idea what's on my calendar and have been suffering from serious e-mail withdrawal). Tonight I suppose I could write about how nice and quiet the house is--Stan's out on his own for the first time since the surgery. But somewhere along the way Blogger prompted me to switch to a new version, and then I promptly forgot the new password, and, well, I just didn't blog after all.


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