Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Night

I am so tired right now. That's 'cause I was up until about 2:00 this morning. No, not just watching the returns... actually participating as a small cog in the great wheel of democracy. You see, the County Elections folks needed somebody to ferry election supplies from a central drop-off point at one of the police stations to the main Elections office. So, after getting up early to cast my vote and then working the ol' 8-to-5, I pulled an 8:15 p.m.-12:45 a.m. shift assisting with this little task. It was actually fun and, in an "it's a small world" moment, the "rover" who was collecting supplies at the police station is married to a woman who works with a guy I know; we had met each other before--helping the mutual acquaintance move!


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