Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fall, even though it's not quite

Ahh, fall... in California, that means the season of street fairs and art/wine festivals. Went to our first one of the season this morning. Actually, we were looking for the farmers' market, but the fair had bumped the farmers onto a side street. We got our $2 head of organic lettuce, and also had bbq from a booth that everyone raves about. It was okay. Not Kansas City barbeque, but not bad. Stopped and said hi to a friend at the midwife booth. Ran into another friend-of-a-friend. Didn't buy any arts and crafts, though (couldn't afford 'em after the food).

Oh, I didn't tell you... went to our first football game the Thursday night before our D.C. trip. The beautiful thing about living on the coast is that it's ALWAYS perfect football weather--nice and crisp in the evening, not too cold. Anyway, the home team won, so that was good.

Did I mention that San Antonio was not perfect football weather? Yeah, I guess I did. But it bears repeating. As my coach (ha, ha; I actually did meet with a professional "coach" while I was at the conference) said, "I'm sweating like two-a-days in football."


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