Tuesday, September 05, 2006


People always think we are crazy to go across the continent and back in three days. But now that I'm starting to mellow (don't know if it's age or too long in northern California) more and more, these trips are less stressful. We've been going to places where we've been before, so we don't feel compelled to see the entire city in 72 hours. And we spend the bulk of our time just shopping or visiting friends.

Such was this weekend's trip to Washington, D.C. We actually took a photograph with the White House and Washington Monument in the background--but only because we were in the neighborhood (we went to church on Lafayette Square). We didn't bother with any museums or monuments, just a mall (not The Mall) and several good restaurants.

First of all, the flights were absolutely perfect. Going east, we were early both on our first leg into St. Louis and on our connection into Dulles. Coming home, we were on time. Considering that we connected through O'Hare (with less than an hour of connecting time) and that Chicago was having storms over the weekend, I thought that was a minor miracle. I've pretty much resigned myself to always being late landing in San Francisco, but not this time.

On Saturday evening, we had dinner at a sports bar in Arlington to catch up on the first weekend of college football, then checked into our hotel and went out to a club. Only one club. Got back to the hotel about 2:00 (11 p.m. Pacific).

Got up at 8:45, went to church (St. John's Episcopal, which has been attended by every U.S. President since Madison). Toured the National Geographic Society offices with our friend who works there. Walked around Dupont Circle and grabbed empanadas for lunch. Went out to the 'burbs, where Stan got some stuff at Macy's and I found two sweaters on the sale rack at Banana Republic. Dinner at a Moroccan restaurant with two former Peace Corps Morocco volunteers. Metro back to the hotel.

On Monday we got up and checked out, then had a nice Ethiopian lunch and headed back to Dulles. There were NO lines at security, and I got a couple hours sleep on the planes. I finished all the magazines I took with me (as well as American's in-flight magazine), but barely cracked one of the two books I took.



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