Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Holy cow!

I have been SOOO busy, especially at work. I really needed to go into the office on Saturday, but Stan got sick (we think it was food poisoning, because it went away in a few hours, but at one point he was basically incoherent). So, I stayed home and did laundry and other stuff that really needed to be done around here. It was a good break.

He was feeling better by the evening, so we went to a retirement party. Sunday, though, we slept in. Didn't even get up for church. I dropped by the office just briefly, to download some files and grab the laptop. Then we went to a going-away party for friends. Came home and got a little bit of work done.

Stan has been complaining for months that the casino dropped him off their mailing list. They finally agreed with him and wanted to make it up to him with a $100 gift certificate to their restaurant. Even we can't pack away $100 in food at a casino restaurant, so we invited friends out with us on Monday evening. The waitress was brand new and glacially slow, so we got home from our 7:00 dinner reservation at 10:15! I didn't get any work done that night.

Last night, I finally got some work done. Tonight, I stayed late (meeting ran long, so Stan went to Bible study without me) and got some more done. Dad called while I was still at the office. He talked to the doctor today, and his PETScan didn't find any more cancer. So, he starts chemo on Monday and they're assuring him it will be very mild. He's planning to come pick up us at the airport on Wednesday. We'll see...

Aside from his intestinal difficulties over the weekend, Stan is also doing well. He got to take his leg brace off on Sunday. His muscles are a little sore, but he says the surgery really helped his nerve problem. He got his super-expensive custom-fit shoes today (the second pair; the first ones were too tight).

I got the reading list for that seminar I'm going to in Berkeley. It's worse than grad school! (And of course I have no time to read between working late this week, a packed weekend this weekend, and our vacation next week.) Yikes! Oh well; they say there's a little bit of reading time built into the schedule during the seminar. (And the morning sessions don't start 'til 9:00, so if I can get up at normal time I'll have a whole hour in the mornings. Yeah, right!)

Actually, that reminds me of something: I was thinking the other day about how I have become a morning person by default. I still don't LIKE getting up, but my body has been trained (against its will) to open my eyes about 6:28 every morning. There's no way I could sleep in 'til noon these days like I did in high school, even if I had been out 'til 3 a.m. (which is getting harder and harder to do, as well). I'd like to think I'll have an opportunity to test this with our all-night club dance in Montreal, but given the three-hour time difference, that might not be a controlled experiment.

Okay, enough rambling for now...


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