Thursday, July 13, 2006


Wow, how did we get to be so busy for the next four months?

July 26-28: Kansas, for Mom & Dad's anniversary
July 29-31: Montreal, for Outgames
August 6-11: Berkeley, for executive seminar
Sept. 2-4: Washington, D.C. (rebooking of the Katrina-cancelled New Orleans trip from last fall)
Sept. 9-13: San Antonio, for professional conference
Oct. 7-9: Kansas (our last trip "home" until April)
Oct. 13-15: Missouri, for Stan's youngest brother's wedding (a complete surprise!)
Oct. 25-27: Tahoe, for another conference
Oct. 28-31: Kauai, just because

Sometime in there I've got to find some time to WORK.

Then all the fun stops on Nov. 9, when Stan goes in for his neck surgery. (He's still doing fine after yesterday's hospital visit, although he's starting to get a little soreness.)

My dad had his oncology appointment today. He's going in for a PET scan tomorrow, and will start chemo the day we are there for our next visit (7/26). He's pretty upbeat about it; sounded like the doctor was reassuring.


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