Wednesday, July 12, 2006

He's okay

Stan's knee surgery went well. We got up at normal time, drove to the hospital, got him checked in, etc. The O.R. called the nurse to say they were running an hour AHEAD of schedule. So, he got wheeled away and I went to waiting room to finish my book. And the June issue of "Instinct." And the July issue. And the "AARP Bulletin." And this "one-hour" surgery still wasn't done, and I was starting to get nervous. Then the doctor came to get me. Everything went BETTER than expected. The cyst turned out not to be the problem; he had a muscle mass irritating his nerve. So, we waited around for nearly four hours to get him released from the hospital. He was perfectly fine the whole time, almost finishing HIS book. They had him eating. His blood sugar came back to normal quickly. No problems at all. We got home and he cooked dinner! He can't bend the knee for four days, but putting weight on it is no problem at all. We went to our Bible study. He called the office and asked them to fax him new projects. I thought this was going to be a major disruption to our lives for a few days; it's barely a blip. (Knock on wood.)


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