Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weekly update

On Monday, I worked late. On Tuesday, we did something but I can't remember what. On Wednesday, we had Bible study. On Thursday, Stan went to a strategic planning meeting at church so I stayed home and watched TV. I had forgotten how boring television can be when you're just watching it to have something to do rather than tuning into a particular show that you want to watch. Last night, we went over and had dinner with some co-workers. Ended up staying and talking until after 11:00!

Today, we got up and went to the mall. We both had eye exams, then I went and got my hair cut. Then we went to Sears to get new glasses (Stan needs replacement lenses, I needed a whole new pair--for both of us, the prescription has changed in one eye but not the other). Had a mall food lunch (can't remember the last time I ate pizza at Sbarro). Then we went to the casino. Came home and took a nap. Now I'm updating the blog.

Tonight a friend is calling. She's someone that I always end up spending three hours or more on the phone with, and we haven't talked in months. So that will take all evening. Tomorrow we have a church picnic and then a birthday party for a friend.

Monday I have a meeting that will run late. At some point we will need to pack for our trip. Then Friday night we will leave for the airport, and Saturday we'll be in D.C.

I need to figure out travel logistics for our next couple of trips. Lots of stuff going on, but nothing very interesting.

Talked to Dad while waiting on my haircut at the mall. He was losing his voice earlier in the week (side effect of chemo, apparently), but today his voice was pretty strong. Sounds like he and Mom are pretty bored with the routine of driving to the hospital almost every day.


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