Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finally, a use for these things

As those of you who have seen our bathroom can attest, we have about a zillion of those small hotel shampoos. I don't generally swipe the new ones, but I figure a partially-used one they're just going to throw out anyway, so those come home with us. Often they're made out of that hard plastic that's not recyclable, so about a year ago my eco-consciousness got the best of me and I started saving the empty ones. No idea what I would ever do with them, but figured they'd be good for something eventually.

Now, thanks to the terrorists (and more directly to those fine over-reactionaries at Homeland Security), I have a use for these little plastic jewels. Since we now have to check all liquids when flying, I can just measure a supply of each liquid or gel for the number of days we'll be gone into a cleaned-out former hotel shampoo bottle, slap a piece of tape on it and label appropriately. I did the trial run tonight, gathering appropriate liquids for our upcoming D.C. trip. We are NOT going to have time to waste waiting for a checked bag when we get back to San Francisco; even if our plane lands on time, we won't be home until about 1 a.m. the Tuesday after Labor Day (and I have a meeting at 9:00).

Now the only dilemma is whether these will go into a landfill in the D.C. area, go home with our friend in Maryland, or get cleaned and dried so I can attempt to take them back on the plane in a carry-on.


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