Sunday, September 24, 2006

Are you ready for some football?

It was a pretty boring Saturday. We had a wedding reception to go to, so we planned our day around that. At first we thought the reception was in the evening, so we were going to drive up the coast and then come back for it. But it turned out to be at 2:00, so we just hung around here in town and ran errands. Got a shelf for the pantry on sale at the hardware store. Got a foam pillow on sale at the mall. Went to the post office. And the cheese factory. And Dollar Tree. And Grocery Outlet.

AND... got to watch some football. I am a huge fan of college football. I am NOT, however, a fan of Notre Dame. I am so mad at Michigan State right now! Some friends called and wanted to go to a movie after the wedding reception, so we got to see ND's go-ahead touchdown at a brew pub while we were waiting for QuinceaƱera to start. (Good movie, BTW.)

Alas, my beloved Wildcats didn't fare any better against a ranked team than the Spartans did. (Of course, they didn't lead the entire freakin' game! Did I mention I'm not a Notre Dame fan?)

It was also interesting to see JoePa running off the field during the Penn State/Ohio State game. I read online afterwards that that's the first time he has left a game during 60 years as a player and coach.

At least Cal won. And Colorado lost. And Arizona played SC pretty tough. (Bear down!)

Next week K-State has pretty much a guaranteed victory (Baylor).

Ahh... fall!


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