Friday, November 24, 2006

Supporting the Economy

I don't know about "busiest shopping day of the year," but it's certainly the earliest shopping day of the year. I don't remember the last time I voluntarily went to bed before 11 and got up at 5 a.m.

I dropped Stan off at Long's Drugs about a quarter 'til six (he was number five in line) and headed to Target (where I was about number 250 in line). I don't know what the hot item was today, but it apparently was NOT coffee makers. It looked like I was the first person to get there. The thumb drives were about half gone, but there was no crowd there. So I was in, out and on my way back to Stan by 6:11.

We got the MP3 player I wanted at Long's (which I'm listening to as I type), then stopped at Starbuck's for breakfast. (I know, "friends don't let friends drink Starbuck's," but I have two words for you: gingerbread latte. Plus, we buy more-than-fair-trade from church for our home consumption.) Then we headed over to the mall, where I spent 41 cents at Borders. (Had a gift card and my Borders Rewards holiday points.) We stopped at Staples (only place I didn't buy anything--our Staples sucks) and the grocery store and were home by 8:00.

The Christmas cards are in the mail, this week's bills have been paid, and the laundry is started. And it's still an hour 'til lunch!


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