Thursday, April 12, 2007

In Sickness and In Health

We had guests for Easter. I wasn't much fun. Although I spent most of last week trying to convince my body that I could NOT possibly be sick for the THIRD time this winter, my body had other ideas. By noon on Sunday, my throat was absolutely killing me. By Monday, I HAD to go to the doctor. Turns out the doctor's office was closed. But she called in a prescription for me, and it has definitely worked. Antibiotics really are an amazing discovery. But now I'm back to taking more pills a day than my dad. And since the antibiotic has to be taken with food but can't be taken within two hours of an antacid, AND my new antacid can't be taken within an hour of food, I have a whole intricate routine of eating and pill-popping that has to be followed for ten days.


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