Saturday, July 14, 2007


Okay, let me start off by saying that Miami Beach was one of the best vacations we have ever had. I want to go back so badly! There's not a lot of beautiful scenery in South Beach, but there are a lot of beautiful people. And there's a lot of great shopping. And great eating. It is, for me, pretty much the perfect beach destination. You don't even need to get into a car; all the major sights are within walking distance. And the condo was SO centrally located.

Anyway, we basically had four nights and three days. We spent the first full day sightseeing, the next shopping and the third on the actual beach. In between, there was a lot of drinking (six pina coladas on Saturday afternoon--but in my defense, they were pretty weak). I didn't look at a newspaper the whole time. It wasn't until our third day that we even turned on the TV in the room to see if it worked.

Since we've been back, I've been helping to plan a going-away party for a co-worker. That was last night. So today I can catch up and do little things like laundry. The house is an absolute disaster, the car is still full of stuff from the party last night, and next weekend we're going away again. (Meanwhile, I have a work trip in the middle of the week.) Isn't summer supposed to be the slow time of year?


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