Monday, August 06, 2007

You know what's nice?

Vacations are nice. Even little three-day weekend trips like this. I’ve caught up on all the magazine reading that’s been piling up and awaiting my attention. (Well, not ALL of it; I think I still have some issues from 2006 on the floor of the spare bedroom, but all of this month’s issues anyway.) Plus, there was that whole "getting to see family and friends" thing...

You know what else is nice? Laptops. Now that I’m done with my magazines, I can play Solitaire. And even though I can’t connect to a wi-fi signal right now and POST to my blog, I can still compose and save for future cut-and-paste. (In the past, I’ve had to do this by paper and pen, and writing something twice just seems to take so much effort–not to mention the jarring anachronism of handwriting a draft for online posting.) I wonder if having the laptop will also induce me to post more regularly and timely... No promises.

Another nice thing? Last minute-deals on United. We actually got to fly into the City this weekend, which cut out one of the three 12-hour roundtrip drives we would otherwise have been making this month. That led to a weird experience, though. Getting off the plane Friday night at SFO, it was freaky to instantaneously be engulfed by so much humanity. At least when you drive the transition from rural to urban occurs in stages rather than all at once. Still, five minutes of being unsettled beats six hours in a car.

Anyway, back to the laptop... Since we are waiting for standby on an earlier flight, we seem destined not to be able to use the DVD feature of the laptop. (We’ve had Ray, from our Netflix queue, for an entire month now.) Still, it was nice to show my parents all of our recent digital photos. (And to have already downloaded the photos from THIS trip onto the computer and cleared the camera’s memory card.) Another cool feature? The laptop holds WAY more music than the MP3 player–whole albums! Which leads to my final nice thing... Journey’s Greatest Hits! Okay, you have to be in the mood, but still...


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