Saturday, August 25, 2007

Of pears and drag queens

My boss has a cabin in the mountains. The cabin has a pear tree (or trees; I've never been there). Two weeks ago, she brought in two huge boxes full of pears and encouraged us all to take some home. Since pears are not something The Husband likes, we never have them around. I brought home about 15 of them. The first few were barely ripe; green and hard. Two weeks later, the few that we have left can safely be described as "over-ripe." They are basically pear-shaped containers of juice with a skin containing their volume.

Tomorrow is the start of a new pay period at work. That makes it also the first official day of my promotion. I changed my e-mail signature and outgoing voice mail message today, and our secretary printed me new business cards yesterday.

Tonight we went to drag queen bingo. Ended up sitting with the boss from Stan's temp job. None of us won anything, but everyone around us did. This year it was held in the bingo room at one of the casinos, so of course we went into the casino afterwards. Didn't win anything, but didn't lose either, which is more than I can say for bingo. At least bingo was a fundraiser for a homeless youth program.

Wednesday we are off to the land of sun and fun (or at least HEAT). I am looking forward to Tucson. All our friends are busy until Friday night, so we should have plenty of time to just hang out by the pool at our resort.


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