Saturday, September 15, 2007

Life in Misery

Well, here we are in Blue Springs, MO. On the way from the airport, we drove by the architectural firm where The Husband worked summers in college, the mortuary where his dad's funeral was held, and the country club where his high school class had their 30th reunion. All of that was on the way to... a pharmacy, to get us some Sudafed. We both have colds. He had a fever over 100 all day on Wednesday. Mine was just some chest congestion (starting last Saturday) until yesterday, when it moved up into my head. Driving six hours last night, getting four hours sleep and then spending most of the day going in and out of air compression on planes hasn't helped a lot. On the plus side, the flights were on time, the room is nice (flat-screen TV for college football; yea!), and none of the bathroom stuff exploded in the luggage.


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