Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blog tapas

A trio of small plates of blogdom...

Saturday: K-State kicks (Tex)ass!
Props to MB. Worst home defeat for the Longhorns during Mack Brown's tenure. Now, the 'Cats better do the same thing to KU next weekend.

Sunday: Proud, but wet
Well, there's a reason that June is Pride Month. Here on the North Coast, we have three seasons: rain, fog, and September. But we got sun during fog season this year, so that means "rain" started before the end of September. And since the Pride festival was on the very last day of September, we had RAIN.

The Parade actually got done just as the first drops were falling. We went to lunch with some friends, and by the time we made it back to the festival area, everything was soaked. And the temperature had dropped about seven degrees. There's a big difference between 62 and damp and 55 and dripping, especially when you're recovering from a cold. (Yes, we are STILL recovering; these coughs are lingering forEVER.)

Monday: Ave-new Q
Well, there was quite a little line at the Sprint Store last night, but I eventually got the Moto Q and The Husband got a Bluetooth headset for his phone. I probably should have gone back to the office last night (especially after not going in over the weekend), but I spent the entire evening playing with all the cool new features. Now I'm having buyer's remorse (over the laptop, not the phone; the phone can do just about everything but play a DVD--although I am blogging on the laptop, so score one for HP).


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