Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just Great

Well, this has been less than a blue-ribbon week. It's been raining and the dryer in the laundry room won't get anything dry.

Next, I get to go back on a ton of pills. I went to the doctor to get something for the cough (yes, it's still hanging on), and ended up with an enlarged prostate and eczema. (Okay, the doctor didn't give me the conditions, just the prescriptions, but it still sucks to come out of the doctor's office feeling worse than when you went in. Now there's a battery of tests and a follow-up visit...) At least while at Target to pick up the six prescriptions I also got the tenth season of South Park on DVD. Now, I just need to finish watching seasons six and nine before I get to it.

As a kicker, last night the lights in the bathroom and garage stopped working. I finally figured out that we had somehow tripped the GFI. Who would ever have guessed that the garage door opener, bathroom exhaust fan, and electric controls for the furnace would all be on the same circuit?

On the upside, we got a lot of cleaning and rearranging done in the house. Now I want to go buy more new furniture...


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