Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well, Mom & Dad made it home safely. This week has been pretty stressful at work. I feel so far behind and with no prospect of even getting things done that I HAVE to get done, let alone all the other stuff that I merely NEED to get done. But tonight I paid bills and finished up the Christmas cards, so that gave me a sense of having accomplished something this week. While I've been on the computer, I somehow found myself looking through old pictures. We've seen some pretty neat stuff over the past couple years, and some of the most beautiful pictures have been taken literally right in our backyard. Looking at pictures from Tucson was good for my stress level, too; it calms me down just to look at a picture of Tucson.

Oh, we hooked up the new hi-def TV the other night. We don't have any hi-def signal to watch on it, but we popped in a DVD and there really is a noticeable difference in picture quality.


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