Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

The Husband and I decided last night NOT to get up at the crack of pre-dawn to hit the fabulous after-Thanksgiving sales. There were a few things of interest in the sale ads, but nothing that warranted sleep deprivation. So, we watched "All About Eve" on the laptop DVD player in our motel room. Excellent movie.

Then, at 4:09 a.m., a train went by the motel and woke me up. When I didn't fall back asleep within 10 minutes, I decided this must be a sign. I'd just go BY Target and--if the line wasn't TOO long--I might stop. Thus I found myself standing outside a Target store for an hour and 12 minutes to purchase a new TV.

Since then, there's been a shower, a bagel and coffee, some more shopping (no purchases), a rendezvous with Mom & Dad at the airport, lunch, a LONG drive (more coffee), check-in at the motel, lousy pizza, and more shopping (some purchases). Tomorrow K-State (hopefully) kicks ass!


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