Saturday, January 05, 2008

I've got a song in my heart

So many lyrics come to mind today: "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone." "Here comes the rain again." "Stormy weather."

First of all, let me assure all you Midwesterners out there that we are safe, warm, and have all the conveniences of modern life at our disposal. Apparently there were 723 houses here in town that lost power at some point, but we were never among them. Both my dad and my sister called last night to make sure we were okay, and we most assuredly are. No downed tree limbs. No flooded streets. From the news, it sounds like everywhere in California has been hit hard by this storm except in our immediate vicinity. This morning's paper showed a redwood through the lobby of a motel about 40 miles south of here, and a boat that had been beached about 25 miles north, but nothing like that here. Stan's boss was interviewed for TV because there were winds clocked at 104 just south of San Fran where he lives. We had some wind, but nothing like that.

Instead, we have had intermittent bursts of sunshine between the storm fronts for the last three days. That's only part of why "I can clearly now" comes to mind, though. The other event that calls that song to mind is that we just got home from our annual eye exams. My prescription changed a little, Stan's not at all. A friend recently sent me a link about buying glasses online, so I think I'll try that. (If it works, I'll post the link.)

That's the sum total of the (lack of) excitement in our world this weekend. Other than the eye exam and grocery shopping, I've spent some time today re-working (again) our possible schedule for Sundance. Five more days 'til our ticket-buying time slot rolls around!


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